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Frequently Asked Questions



 01 What is the difference between the Standard and MPS chips?


The “Standard”version chips offer the same compatibility and yield as the OEM however unlike the OEM the “Standard” chips are universal-brand and also multi-region functioning in all regions throughout the world.

The MPS chips are also universal-brand and multi-region however the MPS chip functions in both the multi-function and non multi-function printers. Also the MPS chips allows higher yields in the smaller printers. Example: The OEM E260 maximum yield is 3.5K. The UII MPS chips offer a 3.5K, 6K, 9K, 15K and even a 18K yield that functions in the E260 printer.





 02  What are Multi-region chips?

Multi-region chips are chips that function in all regions throughout the world.

This includes the US, Latin America, European and Pacific regions.




 03  Where are your products made?

We proudly devlop and assemble all of our products in the U.S.A. to insure the highest

level of quality control and customer service.








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